Kostenlose Logos und Wappen für Hattrick


Logos for Flagchaser

A Flaglogo is a normal grafic, together with the flags of the country-flags of visited or hosted team in Hattrick friendlys.

Creating Hattricklogos with Flags

The first step is to create a normal logo. This should be not to large, because you nee some space under the logo for the flags.

For your backgroud: At Hattrick you can play every week one leaguegame and one friendly. You can play your friendly all over the world in many different countrys. Thats the reason why many managers are chasing flags and try to play in every country over the world.

If you also want to chase flags, there are some tools for Hattrick, where you can generate (sometimes automaticly) the visited and hosted countries.

The different flags will be added to your existing Logo (see Example). Do you have an animated Logo, it's difficult to add the flags, because the tools can not solve it. (+Plugin)

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