Kostenlose Logos und Wappen für Hattrick


Creating a Tricot-Logo

Tricot design HattricklogoThis is a real great, simple and fast way to create a cool Logo for your hattrickteam. Search the web for jersey- or tricotgenerators. The producer of the jersey and tricots are offering to design and create your individuall Shirt. You can create your T-Shirt or tricot online and when you finish the design you can simply use the Screenshot function.

You can choose different things for your logo-design:

  • Different designs from jerseys, t-shirts and tricots
  • Choose the color
  • Paste colored Words (f. e. Teamname)
  • Choose Icons and Pictures, or upload Images
  • Choose the front- or rearview

Jersey for HattrickAn other big advantage: If you have created and designed a nice jersey, tricot or t-shirt, than you can buy it for low money (And wear it at the next game of your team ;-).

If you want to save the logo, use the right mouseclick and select "Save Image as" or make a Screenshot.


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